FROGDOG is an online store where you can buy or order the production of exclusive accessories. Fine wood watches, leather bracelets, pendants, iPhone plates and a lot more - all made by hand by our craftmen. You won't  be able to buy the exact same product anywhere else as each accessory from FROGDOG collection is one of a kind. 

The main advantages of our products

Original design with a vintage vibe. It will emphasize your individuality and sophisticated taste.
Made of only natural, environmentally friendly materials that can withstand a long service life and don't harm human health

Made in Russia. As a result our customers save their valuable time and money.

Reasonable price. Buying exclusive accessories at an attractive price may be problematic, but not with us!
If you love bright images and gravitate to everything natural, be sure to check out our lookbook. In our wide range of products you will be able to find something that suits your style, your view of life and your inner world. If you want to buy a customized watch, bracelet or pendant feel free to voice your ideas and our craftsmen will bring them to life. We always meet the wishes of our customers, helping them to emphasize their individuality and personal style.

Still have questions? Can not find the right type of accessory to suit your taste? Call us or ask questions through the feedback form!


Все наши часы сделаны вручную из ценных пород дерева и натуральной кожи!

каждая модель уникальна :)